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Gardening 101

Jun 09,2019 | Cassandra Low

Total newbie at gardening? Fret not. It’s not as difficult as you think.

The three magical ingredients you need are sun, water and soil. Also, add some nutrients to keep your plant growing healthy and strong.

Just like us, every plant has their unique “personality”. Some prefer the shade, some prefer the bright hot sun. Some require high moisture content, while others can survive with limited supply of water.

Next, plants grown best in optimal temperatures that suit their personality. Be sure to first understand your climate and the length of the seasons, to determine which plants would be suitable to bond and grow with you. Also, note if you would like to do your planting indoors or outdoors as there are different plants suited for each environment.

Lastly, some equipment that you would need handy include a pot, shovel and watering can before you’re good to go!