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Succulent Starter Kit Instructions

Feb 18,2022 | Cassandra Low


Step 1

Remove the succulent from the packaging


Step 2

Fill the pot up with succulent mix and create a small hole in the center with your finger to bury the succulent’s roots


Step 3

Carefully place the succulent in and gently pat the soil around the succulent’s base into place


Step 4

Pour the akadama on top of the succulent mix around your succulent and evenly spread it out 


Congratulations! Your succulent is now ready to grow :) Do remember to wait for a few days for the succulent to adapt to its new environment before watering!


Long-term care tips
Light: Direct sunlight / Bright indirect light 
Newly planted succulents may be more sensitive to the surroundings, so it would be better to slowly introduce them to more sun exposure over a few days.
Watering: “Soak and dry” method
Completely soak the roots with water and let it dry out for a few days before watering again. Try not to let the water touch the succulent’s leaves or flowers as this may cause them to rot.
Fertilizing: Sprinkle a pinch of fertilizer onto the soil around the plants (there is no need to water it in). Reapply once every 3 months.