Shamrock Botanics All Purpose Organic Potting Mix (1kg)

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All Purpose Organic Potting Mix 1kg

100% plant-based and natural, our 4-in-1 Organic Potting Mix is a combination of Shamrock Botanics All Purpose Organic Fertilizer, Shamrock Botanics Bio-Char, coconut coir and perlite.

Engineered to achieve adequate porosity and drainage, this mix is a sterile soil-less planting medium for both indoor and outdoor planting systems.

Usage Guide:
Suitable for edible greens, flowers, fruits, cactus, succulents and for propagation

✅ 100% plant-based, natural & organic
✅ Eco and environmentally friendly
✅ Suitable aeration for roots growth
✅ High porous characteristics
✅ Anti-fungal properties
✅ Kids Safe, Pets Safe & Eco Safe

Authorised Shamrock Botanics Plant Partner

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