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ALGAE-CLEAN Algaecide - Germicide - Disinfectant RTS (500ml)

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ALGAE-CLEAN is a selective turf and ornamental algaecide containing Quaternary Ammonium Compound

ALGAE-CLEAN is a general greenhouse algaecide, germicide and disinfectant for control of fungal, bacteria, algae and viral plant pathogens

ALGAE-CLEAN is ideal for commercial applications, widely used in plant nurseries, live-stocks, water treatment ponds, greenhouses, golf course, bowling greens and sports turf areas, as well as on hard surfaces such as walkways, floors, benches and walls

ALGAE-CLEAN is an environmentally safe, biodegradable, completely water soluble and non-phytotoxic algaecide. Used as directed, the pesticide residues of this product are biodegraded by normal soil micro-organism populations

Areas of Use
General Use; walls and floors, tiles, concrete, benches, wall and walkways; golf course and bowling greens, bunkers and sports turf areas, plant nurseries, greenhouse & water treatment ponds.

Diseases controlled
Algae and mould, fungal, bacteria, viral plant pathogens

- Shake well before spray
- Apply once every 3-4 weeks
- Outdoor: spray after the wet weather or rainy day

How to apply
- Do not rinse treated surfaces
- Use after pre-cleaning treatment with water
- Spray onto affected area and allow to dry