[BUNDLE] Currency Cultivate Soil Garden Potting Soil (± 2 Ltr / ± 6 Ltr) suitable for Nparks seeds


Volume: 2L
Quantity: Bundle of 2
In stock


Currency Cultivate Soil is a natural potting soil that is great to start growing your plants! It is formulated for drainage and aeration. It has a pH between 5.6 - 7.0. It is suitable for growing all types of house plants (ornamentals, vegetables, etc.). It is suitable for growing new seeds provided by Nparks

* Porous
* Lightweight
* Clean, for easy planting

Packing Size
Small (± 2 Ltr): ~500g in weight
Medium (± 6 Ltr): ~850g in weight

Peat moss
Coconut dust

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