[BUNDLE] General Garden Potting Soil 翠筠靓土 - 园艺通用 (±6L)


Quantity: Bundle of 2
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  • Garden Potting Soil 翠筠靓土 - 园艺通用 is made with pure natural materials and mixed with professional formula. It can be used for any indoor and outdoor plants, ornamental plants, flowering plants, all kinds of potted plants, vegetables and seedlings.
  • Contains peat soil, wood peat, coconut fibre, vermiculite, perlite and organic fertilizers. It has the best water retention, fertilizer retention and air permeability, which can promote roots to flourish.
  • It does not contain any agricultural and livestock waste, and has no smell.

Volume: ±6L per bag
Do take note that weight does not equate to volume

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