[BUNDLE] Perlite for Gardening(± 5 Ltr), approx 0.9kg per bag

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Perlite is a natural occurring mineral, and exists as a type of volcanic glass. It is lightweight and a micro-porous medium, that can be used as a soil amendment or alone as a medium for hydroponics or for starting cuttings. Perlite can be mixed into compost or soil to improve drainage and root aeration, stimulates root development and vigorous growth and retains moisture. Perlite also helps prevent soil compaction.

Contents: 100% Expanded Volcanic Glass

Volume: ± 5 Ltr (per bag)
Weight: ~0.9kg (per bag)
Size: 2 - 4mm
* Do note that weight does not equate to volume

Caution: Extra care should be taken to avoid inhalation of perlite particles when handling, especially when mixing into soil, the use of a mask is strongly encouraged.

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