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Shamrock Botanics All Purpose Organic Fertiliser (1kg)

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100% Plant-Based and natural, our All Purpose Organic Fertilizer is a combination of Palm Oil Waste, Palm Oil Mill Residue and Functional Activated Microbes (F.A.M.).

F.A.M. combines natural organic materials with 6 microbes to provide the soil with sufficient nutrients while effectively reducing harmful microbes.

✅ Eco-friendly and 100% natural
✅ Easy to use
✅ No fear of over fertilisation
✅ Odourless and bacteria free
✅ Good water retention capability
✅ Effective soil conditioner

Usage Guide
With NPK of 3:3:3, Shamrock Botanics All Purpose Organic Fertilizer is a complete and balanced food for your plants.

Suitable for all kinds of greens
eg. herbs, plants flowers, fruits, cactus, succulents and lawns
It can even be used in water for propagation!

Water retained in the compost can be absorbed by plants when needed.

Application: Apply on top of soil and water thereafter
Frequency: Once every 2-3 weeks

*Authorised Shamrock Botanics Plant Partner*