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Have you always wanted a terrarium?🌱 This is your chance to DIY your own terrarium! It is also great as a family day activity with your children or gifts for your loved ones! 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🎁

Feel free to add in more stones, wood, figurines or seashells to further personalize your terrarium!

DIY Open Terrarium Making Kit:

1 x Terrarium Glass Bowl (10cm)

1 x Potting Mix

1 x Sphagnum Moss

1 x Colourful Gravels

1 x White Pebbles

1 x Charcoal

1 x Spray Bottle

2 x Fittonia

Note: Variation - None does not come with any figurines. Both the colour of the mushroom figurine and the design of rabbit will be given at random.


Care Tips for an Open Terrarium:

🌿Place the terrarium away from direct sunlight or heat

🌿Regularly dust away any debris on the plants

🌿Water the plants every 3-4 days using the spray bottle

Scan here for full instructions!

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