Epsom Salts - Magnesium Sulfate (500g / 1kg)
Epsom Salts - Magnesium Sulfate (500g / 1kg)
Epsom Salts - Magnesium Sulfate (500g / 1kg)
Epsom Salts - Magnesium Sulfate (500g / 1kg)

Epsom Salts - Magnesium Sulfate (500g / 1kg)

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Stimulates rose bloom and cane growth - a magnesium source that helps plants produce chlorophyll

Epsom Salt is a highly soluble form of magnesium sulfate, two elements that play vital roles in the uptake of phosphorus and nitrogen in plants, and the production of several plant enzymes.

Epsom Salt for plants is a source of magnesium sulfate that is essential for healthy growth and development. It is required to produce chlorophyll which helps plant life obtain energy from light. It also gives plants their healthy green colour. Leaf yellowing is often a symptom of deficiency

  • Helps plant absorb phosphorus
  • Increases natural resistance to disease
  • Absorbed by both the leaves and the roots

How to Water Plants with Epsom Salts
Before applying Epsom Salt, it is a good idea to have your soil tested to determine whether it is deficient of magnesium. You should also be aware that many plants, like beans and leafy vegetables, will happily grow and produce in soils with low levels of magnesium. Plants like rose, tomatoes and peppers, on the other hand, require lots of magnesium, and therefore, are more commonly watered with Epsom Salt.

When diluted with water, Epsom Salts is easily taken up by plants, especially when applied as a foliar spray.

With roses, you can apply a foliar spray each foot of the shrub's height. Apply in spring as leaves appear and then again after flowering.

For tomatoes and peppers, apply during transplanting and again following the first bloom and fruit set.

Directions for use
Apply 1/4 cup (4 tbsp) per 1-2 gallons of water. This will cover 500-1000 sq ft of garden area. Apply 2-4 applications throughout the growing season

Soil (Roses & Shrubs):
Apply 1/4 cup (57g) to the base of the plant early in the spring when new growth begins. A follow up summer application may also be made

Magnesium (Mg): 9.8%
Sulfur (S): 12.9%

Application Frequency
Apply every 2 - 3 weeks (14 - 21 days)