Grow Your Own Mini Veggie Garden 7-in-1 Gardening Set | Christmas Gift Set


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Grow Your Own Mini Veggie Garden 7-in-1 Gardening Set contains all you need to grow your plants! Suitable for gardeners of all experience levels. Great as a gift set for Christmas~


What is included in the set:

1) Vegimix - specially formulated potting mix for your veggies

2) Mini Square Pot (8cm x 7cm)

3) Mini Round Pot (8cm x 7cm)

4) Shamrock Botanics Natural Pest Spray (200ml)

5) STARXGROW Liquid Gold (100ml)

6) SHOWA 341 General Purpose Gloves

7) Random Packet of Seeds


[Shamrock Botanics Natural Pest Spray (200ml)]

100% Plant-Based, our Natural Pest Spray is a combination of natural repellent ingredients, such as Neem Oil, Wood Vinegar, Herbal Extracts and Essential Oil with the intention to ward off unwanted pests and bugs anywhere from your indoor and outdoor living space to the garden.

Neem Oil is a complex plant-derived oil that interrupts insects’ hormones, affecting their maturation and appetite, gradually killing them.

Wood Vinegar contains anti-fungal properties which will help keep bad bacteria at bay from your plants and soil.

As compared to other Organic Pest Sprays, Shamrock's Natural Pest Spray smells pleasant, with a teeny touch of herbal essential oil.

Usage Guide Suitable for Edible Greens, Flowers, Fruits, Cactus, Succulents and for propagation too.

*Safe to be used on both foliage and soil. Use preferably in the evening or at night to prevent burns when exposed to heat.

Infected plants: Spray once every 2-3 days Uninfected plants: Spray once every 1-2 weeks

✅ 100% plant-based, natural & organic

✅ Kids Safe, Pets Safe & Eco Safe

✅ Non-hazardous

✅ Ready-to-use

[STARXGROW Liquid Gold (100ml)]

🌱 Restores soil biology

🌱 Strengthens the root system

🌱 Improves micronutrient uptake

🌱 Promote healthy foliage

🌱 Aids in breaking down organic matter


STARXGROW LIQUID GOLD promotes natural soil microbial activities.

It acts as a plant booster to prevent and treat many fungal diseases. It also releases phosphorus build-up by helping to release the phosphate bonds and distribute the phosphate throughout the different plants throughout the entire growing season. It is used as a soil conditioner to improve availability of water and oxygen in soil. STARXGROW LIQUID GOLD increases yield and quality.


Plants in Pots/Raised Bed

- Dilute 1ml of STARXGROW LIQUID GOLD to 500ml of clean water in a bucket or spray pump

- Make sure the bucket or spray pump is free of chemicals and pesticides

- Allow the mixture to rest for 30 mins before use (if you have the effort, please stir the mixture a bit to bring oxygen into the mixture, otherwise leave it as it is)

- Water into soil per plant's watering requirement - Incorporate into your weekly regime For Water Propagation

- Ensure that plant is suitable for water propagation

- Follow the same dilution rate as above

- Ensure propagation container is free of pesticide and chemicals

- Put a pinch of fertilizer into the propagation container with the diluted microbes solution

- Change water at least once a week and monitor vessel for mosquito larvae CAUTION

- DO NOT mix with any fungicide or pesticide during microbes application

- Allow 72 hours gap between (before and after) microbes application

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