Hydroponics All-In-One Plant Food 2-1-6 (1 litre) for organic gardening

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Hydroponics All-In-One Plant Food 2-1-6 is an organic, natural and sustainable liquid based fertilizer, making it ideal for hydro-organic gardeners and certified organic commercial food producers. With an easy-to-use combination of formulas, you'll get great results without the toxic runoff associated with synthetic fertilizers.

  • High quality fertiliser for drip irrigation, NFT, and all types of hydroponic systems
  • Provides optimal growing results. For use in hydroponic and soil gardens - One of the perfect liquid fertiliser for plants and can use on all plant varieties
  • Strongly recommended as it consists of hydroponic nutrients for leafy vegetables, which would be the best choice since it has all the essential nutrients
  • Best organic liquid fertilizer for veggies since it comes with all the essential nutrients that plants require to flourish and develop to their full potential Features and Benefits: - Promotes vigorous flowering and fruiting and overall garden health
  • Contains all NPK, secondary and micro elements for plant health - Safe to use on all plants including natives at any time
  • Helps to increase nutrient uptake, so when fertilisers are applied they are much more effective

Foliar Spraying Application

  • Use 30 - 50ml of Hydroponics All-in-One Plant Food 2-1-6 per 20 litres of water
  • Foliar feeding is a method of supplying plant nutrients by applying liquid fertiliser directly to the leaves
  • Foliar feeding is highly effective because the nutrients are taken up by the leaf stomata which can help to correct localised deficiencies and increase uptake of nutrients


  • For best results foliar spray once a week
  • Foliar spraying works best when done in the early morning or early evening
  • Using a pressurised sprayer will increase coverage and maximise plant uptake

Hydroponics Application

Use 15-30ml per 20 litres of water mixed with nutrient solution in reservoir

Soil Gardens Application

Use 25-45ml per 20 litres of water in nutrient solution. Apply to soil

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