Liaflor Leca | Liaflor Hydroton (±10L) 4-8mm / 8-16mm in size


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Liaflor Hydroton Leca (Lightweight Expanded Clay Expanded) is a premium porous clay pebble that holds water and nutrients. It is a planting medium popular with gardeners looking to grow plants in a hydroponic system without the use of soil. Using clay pebbles will help speed up plant growth by providing plenty of aeration to the root zone. They also provide a great support structure to give your plants unparalleled stability. It can also be used as a drainage layer in plant pots for semi-hydroponic potting. If placed above as cover layer, it can provide optimum protection against dehydration. Or, it can be used to mix with soil in loosening the potting mix to give adequate aeration to plant roots.


Packing Size: ±10L

Weight: ~4-5kg

Leca sizing: 4-8mm / 8-16mm


Product in Germany 


Leca Features:

- Natural - clay pebbles does not contain organic substances, does not decompose, and is rot-free and parasite-free

- Easy to use - clay pebbles can be kept for an unlimited time, without every changing

- Specific pH - clay pebble's pH value is between 6 and 7


Note: * Leca granule sizes can vary

* Leca granule colour may vary

* Leca packaging has been changed recently

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