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LifePlantz Home Kit Hydroponics Grow Kit

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LifePlantz is growing made easy for all. Through the use of our innovative & sustainable Lifepodz system, anyone & everyone can easily grow a plant of their choice.

LifePlantz Home Kit, your home 6 plant aeroponic tower. Place it on your desk, shelf, or even better your kitchen so that you have easy access to your green leafy edibles. The aeroponic system helps sustain plant growth with the most efficient use of water and nutrients. The kit includes the LifePlantz aeroponic tower for 6 plants suitable for your edibles or ornamental plants, clip-on lighting and the LifePlantz nutrient pack. The HomeKit is upgradable to a 9 plant system for your planting pleasure and is a fantastic upgrade for your StartKit.

Set includes:
- Biodegradable Kit with 6 Podz
- Fertilizer Sponge x 6 Units
- Coconut Husk x 6 Units
- Nutrient Drip x 6 Units
- 1 FREE seed packet