LifePlantz Start Kit Hydroponics Beginner Plant Growing Kit

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Seeds: Rocket
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LifePlantz Start Kit, designed to get you started with the LifePlantz ecosystem. A one plant pod system that lets you grow your own micro farm of green leafy vegetables or ornamental plants. The kit includes the LifePlantz pod with cover, stand, seed with coconut fibre, sponge planting medium and nutrient pack.

Great as gifts and for education!

Set includes:
- Biodegradable Kit
- Fertilizer Sponge
- Coconut Husk
- Nutrient Drip

Seeds of Choice:
- Jade Pak Choy
- Purple Kohlrabi
- Purple Tango Radish
- Rocket
- Romaine Lettuce

Link to instructional video:

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