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OOMMI Probiotics Lingerie & Corset Wash (500ml)

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OOMMI Probiotics Lingerie & Corset Wash 500ml

Do you know probiotics are more than just a supplement for your gut? They are actually amazing natural cleaners that don’t just effectively remove unpleasant odours, dirt and grime from your corset but also bad bacteria and biofilm on a microscopic level.

Warning: Pathogens and viruses can form and hide under layers of biofilm on any surface of your corset/innerwear and are resistant to chemical detergents!

Introducing the future of cleaning - the OOMMI Probiotics Lingerie &Corset Wash is formulated from a powerful blend of live beneficial microbes, cultured using an advanced Japanese technology. It protects the quality, colour and hygiene of corset/innerwear without the use of chemical-based detergents, ensuring maximum cleanliness and comfort - a true clean, unlike anything you’ve seen.

OOMMI Probiotics Corset Wash provides the following benefits: -
• Kills bad bacteria
• Removes germs, biofilm & odour in corset/innerwear
• Protects quality & colour of fabrics
• Gentle on skin
• Biodegradable
• SLS/SLES, paraben & alcohol free

Probiotics, Filtered Water, Glycerin (food grade), Hypoallergenic Plant Based Foam Booster, Organic Apple Scent.

How to use?
For wash: use 1-3 caps for small load; 3-5 caps for medium load. For optimal effectiveness, soak corset/innerwear for an hour or more. Do NOT mix with detergent or softener. Suitable for all fabrics.

Storage & Life span
Store at room temperature. Once opened, use within 3 months for optimal effectiveness.