Orchid Fort 67 Crystalline Powder Fertiliser 13 + 27 + 27 (250g)

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Orchid Fort 13+27+27 is a special range of NPK water soluble fertiliser. It is specialised with very pure raw material and chelated trace elements without any urea contents. A single product can be used without mixing any other fertilisers to achieve the same result.

- Suitable for flower & fruit development
- Suitable under periods of low sunlight and cold conditions
- No nitrogen losses due to volatilisation of NH3 specially under alkaline condition and high soil temperature
- Provides immediate available nitrogen to the plants especially under low soil temperature
- Allows growers to apply plant nutrients requirement with minimum risk of plant stress or plant scorching
- Fast dissolving, fully water soluble
- Can be used in all fertigation systems and for all crops

Application Frequency
Apply every 2-3 weeks (14 - 21 days)

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