Organic Garden Galore Organic Fertiliser and Soil Conditioner (800g)

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Organic Garden Galore is a mini sheep pellets organic fertilizer and soil conditioner. The organic matter in Organic Garden Galore makes both sandy and clay soils easier to work by improving the structure of the soil. Soil structure influences aeration and permeability and has a major effect on the growth of plant roots. The wool libers present in Organic Garden Galore are not only a slow release source of nitrogen they also act as a soil conditioning agent.Organic Garden Galore is also an excellent food source for soil bacterial and fungi and for earthworms. Bacteria and fungi are essential for the break down of plant residues in the soil and earthworms have beneficial effects on soil aeration water-holding capacity and nutrient availability.

Direction for use
For base dressing
- Apply 350g of Organic Garden Galore Fertilizer per m2 of soil before planting
- Mix well into the soil
- Water thoroughly and watch your plant grow!

For side dressing
- Apply 175g of Organic Garden Galore per m2 around the drip-line of established parts the drip-lines is where the plant's foliage extends to
- Mix well into the soil
- Water thoroughly and watch your plants grow and flourish!
- For best result apply every 4 weeks to vegetables and flowers during the growing season

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