Phostarxgen All Purpose Plant Food (500ml) Ready to Spray

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Phostarxgen Plant Food provides the essential trace elements needed by plants for health and vitality. It promotes healthy green foliage, develops a strong and healthy root system, develops abundant flowers and fruit and helps plants become more drought and disease resistant

Can be used on:

General garden & lawn, young plants & seedlings, fruit & vegetables, containers & baskets

Feeding Information

  • Use for all plants in the garden, greenhouse and home
  • Use throughout growing season for best result - Feed house plants with Phostarxgen when actively growing
  • Spray on leaves and soil once every 2-3 weeks

EC Fertiliser

NPK (MgO - SO3) Fertiliser blend with micro nutrients 16-10-24 (MgO 2.5 - SO3 5.8)

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