Phostarxgen Powder NPK 16+10+24 (800g)

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For bigger plants, better blooms and more vegetables

How Phostarxgen works

- Nitrogen promotes healthy green foliage

- Phosphate develops a strong and healthy root system

- Potash develops abundant flowers & fruit and helps plants become more drought and disease resistant

- Provides the essential trace elements needed by plants for health and vitality


- Pour any unused solution onto bare soil, not grass

- Any spillage of concentrate powder onto lawns or foliage should be thoroughly watered in immediately

- Stored under cool, dry conditions, this product will not deteriorate. If disposal is necessary, reseal and throw away with household waste

Feeding Information

- Use for all plants in the garden, greenhouse and home

- For best result, use regularly throughout the growing season

- Feed house plants with Phostarxgen when actively growing

Directions for use

- Measure feed into watering can, dilute and mix well

- Apply solution around roots and plant foliage

Use Phostarxgen on

- General garden & growth

- Young plants & seedlings

- Fruit & vegetables

- Containers & baskets

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