Pyrethrum 5 EC Natural Organic Insecticide (500ml) RTS

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An emulsifiable concentrate prepared from pyrethrum - nature's own rapid-acting insecticide.
- Controls aphids, blackflies, greenflies, caterpillars and whiteflies on organic flowers, fruit and vegetables
- For use outdoors, in greenhouses and on potted plants throughout the seasons
- For use on a range of edible crops and in ornamental plant production

Active ingredient: Pyrethrins 5% EC

Directions for use:
Ready to spray, no need to dilute with water. Shake well before use.

Pesticide resistance in glasshouse whitefly and some aphids is widespread. Where strains resistant to products containing pyrethrins occur, this products is unlikely to give satisfactory control.

Crop Safety:
Some species of plant may be sensitive to this product and may show signs of yellowing, particularly after a second application. Test spray on a small number of plants before spraying larger batches.

Pyrethrum 5 EC must be stored in a suitable pesticide store away from strong sunlight

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