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Shamrock Botanics All Purpose Natural Pest Spray (200ml/500ml)

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100% Plant-Based, our Natural Pest Spray is a combination of natural repellent ingredients, such as Neem Oil, Wood Vinegar, Herbal Extracts and Essential Oil with the intention to ward off unwanted pests and bugs anywhere from your indoor and outdoor living space to the garden.

Neem Oil is a complex plant-derived oil that interrupts insects’ hormones, affecting their maturation and appetite, gradually killing them.

Wood Vinegar contains anti-fungal properties which will help keep bad bacteria at bay from your plants and soil.

Usage Guide
Suitable for Edible Greens, Flowers, Fruits, Cactus, Succulents and for propagation too.

*Safe to be used on both foliage and soil. Use preferably in the evening or at night to prevent burns when exposed to heat.

Infected plants: Spray once every 2-3 days
Uninfected plants: Spray once every 1-2 weeks

✅ 100% plant-based, natural & organic
✅ Kids Safe, Pets Safe & Eco Safe
✅ Non-hazardous
✅ Ready-to-use

*Authorised Shamrock Botanics Plant Partner*