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STARX 100% Organic Orange Adjuvant 4 in 1 Solution (500ml) RTS

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4-in-1 Solution
1. Natural pest repellent
2. Cures viruses and diseases
3. Soil revitaliser
4. Organic fertiliser

Organic Orange Adjuvant:
- Latest generation of adjuvant from natural orange oil with insecticidal and fungicidal properties
- Kills bug pests, such as aphids, beetles and ants
- Orange oil's acids penetrate insects' exoskeletons and quickly kills them
- Is an all-purpose natural plant vitaliser and organic fertiliser that is highly effective for use in growing all types of plants

Key Benefits
- Dries exoskeleton of soft bodied insects
- Collapses fungal spores
- All-purpose natural plant vitaliser and organic fertiliser
- Excellent wetting, spreading and penetrating
- Pleasant, non-pesticide odour
- Cleans spray nozzles and prevents clogging

Cedar, Cypress, Orange oil (extracts from orange fruit's rind), Pine and Plantain

Application Frequency
Apply twice a week