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STARX BASTARXGRAN Weed Stop for Lawns | Weed Killer

Save $4.90 SGD
1) Kills Weed Roots
2) Won't Harm Lawns
3) Overnight Results

- Provides a const-effective yellow nutsedge control program
- Effectively eliminates underground tubers
- Can be used in cool- and warm-season turfgrass

BASTARXGRAN offers reliable, cost-effective, post-emergent control of tough broadleaf weeds, yellow nutsedge and annual sedges.

BASTARXGRAN provides 100% weed control in turfgrass and ornamental plants.

Weeds controlled:
Anoda, spurred, annual sedges, burnweed, balloonvine, common, purslane, canada thistle, dayflower, devil's claw, galinsoga, groundsel, ladysthumb, lawn burweed, mustard, musk thistle, nutsedge yellow, purslane, ragweed, sesbania, shepherd's prise, smartweed, spurweed, sunflower, wild, wild mustard, yellow nutsedge

Application Frequency: apply once every 2 months (or when tiny weeds are exposed)

Remarks: As a foliar herbicide, good coverage is essential. Application should be made to fuully exposed weeds, prior to flowering. Best results will be achieved when application is made to actively growing young weeds.

Special Instructions: Do no apply during windy conditions because spray drift may cause damage to adjacent ornamental parts. If possible, spray at low level is advisable.

Do not apply BASTARXGRAN to turfgrass that has been under stress such as drought, cold temperature, or injury from other herbicides or pesticides.

For best control of broadleaf weeds, do not mow turfgrass within 3 days before or after application.

For best control of sedges, do not mow turfgrass within 5 days of application.