STARX Hydroponic Nutrients A & B (500g/ 1kg)


Nutrients: Set A
Weight: 500g
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Hydroponic Nutrients A & B is a water soluble granular (Set A) and water soluble powder (Set B) plant food contains N, Ca & Fe. It is a complete balanced fertiliser for hydroponics, indoor/outdoor potted plants & herbs.


Hydroponic Nutrients A & B has been giving consistently outstanding results to a large community of urban growers. It is a two part solution, easy to use and yields powerful results time after time. Perfect for soil, rockwool, coco, or aero applications.


Hydroponic Nutrients A & B formula was designed as a two-part nutrient to ensure maximum growth potential. All primary nutrients are included in the formula to promote healthy, lush vegetative growth.


Hydroponic Nutrients A & B formula is pH balanced with little to no pH up/down required. Some applications may vary.


Content Analysis: (SET A): Water soluble Calcium Nitrate 16-0-0 + 27 CaO (SET B): NPK (MgO) fertiliser blend 6-10-35 (5) with B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo, Zn


Directions for Use: Hydroponic Nutrients A & B usage for all crops in polibags planting with coco-peat and vegetable SET A + SET B (Tomato, Sweet Pepper, Hot Pepper & Vegetable) Usage @1gm of SET A + 1gm of SET B = dilute with 1 liter of water then drip to your plant, one day estimated drip 3 times in about 5 mins


Drip 2 times with fresh water only about 5 min depending on the plant size


Hydroponic Nutrients A & B farming by NFT system (Nutrient Film Technique) for all crops Dilute 1gm of SET A + 1gm of SET B into 1 liter of water as a basic calculation. Depending on the capacity of the water tank (eg. If water tank is 50 liters, then use 50gm of SET A + 50gm of SET B)

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