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STARX Physan Plus Multipurpose Orchid Pathogen Control Concentrate (1L)

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PHYSAN Plus Multipurpose Orchid Pathogen Control
* Control algae, bacteria, fungi and viruses on pots, bark, flats, benches, walkways, etc.
* Helps eliminate damping off in flask seedlings
* Cost effective, pleasant odor, environmentally friendly

Product Features
* Broad spectrum disinfectant wide wide variety of plant and surface applications
* Available in cost-effective liquid concentrate
* EPA approved for use directly on plants
* Environmentally friendly and biodegradable
^ Gloves not required for use with diluted solution
* Excellent wetting agent
* Pleasant odor and does not discolour skin

Physan Plus provides protection against a variety of pathogens that infect orchids and hard surfaces in orchid growing areas.

Orchids - Adult Plants
Spray anytime disease other than rot is evident. Spray once per month as preventative maintenance. Soak compost when fungus is evident
USE: 2 teaspoons PHYSAN Plus per gallon of water

Orchids - Botrytis
During cool damp weather, spray plants, flowers and under benches at first sign of the spotting on flowers. Normally weekly spray will greatly reduce or eliminate the botrytis spotting
USE: 1 teaspoon PHYSAN Plus per 3 gallons of water

Orchid - Rot (such as Erwinia)
Remove compost from plant, then soak entire plant 10 mins or more. Cut away all rot with treated tool. Soak plant wounds again for 10mins. Repot in PHYSAN Plus soaked compost.
USE: 1 tablespoon PHYSAN Plus per gallon of water

Orchids - Phalaenopsis - Pseudomanas Cattleyea (Crown Rot)
Spray plants weekly to assure solution getting around and in base of leaves
USE: 1 teaspoon PHYSAN Plus per gallon of water

Greenhouse Glass: Spray or swab surfaces with PHYSAN Plus solution. Let stand for one hour or more or until the algae visibly begins to change to a lighter colour. Wash off dead algae with water. Spray clean surgaces again with PHYSAN Plus solution
USE: 1 teaspoon PHYSAN Plusper gallon of water