STARX Root & Shoot (1L) - promotes vigorous root growth and luxurious shoot development

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  • Unique formulation specifically designed to promote rapid establishment in transplanted crops (vegetables, strawberries, tree crops etc.)
  • Used as a very effective "rescue remedy" during times of stress (frost, hail damage, heat, wind, transplant etc.)
  • Proven to be a valuable tool to promote vigorous shoot development in all crops

1. Promotes rapid establishment of new plantings including turf, young trees, strawberries, and vegetable seedlings
2. Vigorous root growth delivers more uptake of nutrition, more CO2 production for photosynthesis and enhanced stress resistance
3. Superior shoot production is the essence of proactive vigour and plant health
4. Can be fertigated for root response or foliar fertilised to boost shoot production

Application Directions
Vegetable Seedlings & Tree Tubestock
Application Method: Seedling dips
Application Rate: Soak roots in 1:200 dilution (1L per 200L)

Vegetable Seedlings, Tree Tubestock, Strawberry Runners & Turf
Application Method: Fertigation
Application Rate: 6L / ha immediately after planting

Home Garden Plants, Fruit Trees, Leafy Vegetables, Shrubs
Application Method: Home garden application
Application Rate: Dilute 20-30ml per 10 L of treatment water. Apply the diluted mix at a rate of 1L per square metre. Apply fortnightly or as required.

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