STARXCOTE Cacti & Succulent Controlled Release Fertiliser (500g)

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STARXCOTE Cacti & Succulent Controlled Release Fertiliser is a carefully balanced formula with lower nitrogen and increased potassium for steady growth and flowering of your cacti and succulents. The smart way to fertiliser - one application feeds continuously for up to 3 months

Suitable for:
  • Ideal for all types of Cacti, Succulents & Bromeliads
  • Safe to use on new plants - the controlled release of nutrients means it will not burn soft leaves or tender young roots

  • The release of nutrients depends on temperature - more when it's warm and plants are growing and less when it's cold and growth is slow
  • STARXCOTE uses advanced prill technology that ensures even and controlled nutrient release with no wastage
  • Controlled release means feeding less often and more effectively; less frequent feeding is more economical and environment-friendly
  • Lower nitrogen and increased potassium to promote steady growth and flowering and improve resistance to pests and disease

How to Use
  • Simply sprinkle STARXCOTE onto the soil around your plants
  • No need to water in
  • Reapply in 3 months according to the application rates

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