STARXGROW Liquid Gold (500ml)
STARXGROW Liquid Gold (500ml)
STARXGROW Liquid Gold (500ml)
STARXGROW Liquid Gold (500ml)

STARXGROW Liquid Gold (500ml)

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🌱 Restores soil biology
🌱 Strengthens the root system
🌱 Improves micronutrient uptake
🌱 Promote healthy foliage
🌱 Aids in breaking down organic matter

STARXGROW LIQUID GOLD promotes natural soil microbial activities. It acts as a plant booster to prevent and treat many fungal diseases. It also releases phosphorus build-up by helping to release the phosphate bonds and distribute the phosphate throughout the different plants throughout the entire growing season. It is used as a soil conditioner to improve availability of water and oxygen in soil. STARXGROW LIQUID GOLD increases yield and quality.

Plants in Pots/Raised Bed
- Dilute 1ml of STARXGROW LIQUID GOLD to 500ml of clean water in a bucket or spray pump
- Make sure the bucket or spray pump is free of chemicals and pesticides
- Allow the mixture to rest for 30 mins before use (if you have the effort, please stir the mixture a bit to bring oxygen into the mixture, otherwise leave it as it is)
- Water into soil per plant's watering requirement
- Incorporate into your weekly regime

For Water Propagation
- Ensure that plant is suitable for water propagation
- Follow the same dilution rate as above
- Ensure propagation container is free of pesticide and chemicals
- Put a pinch of fertilizer into the propagation container with the diluted microbes solution
- Change water at least once a week and monitor vessel for mosquito larvae

- DO NOT mix with any fungicide or pesticide during microbes application
- Allow 72 hours gap between (before and after) microbes application