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STARXGROW Nitrosol Liquid Plant Food Concentrate (1L)

Save $18.34 SGD
Nitrosol is the ideal fertilizer for all garden and indoor plants. Nitrosol has been a favourite of locacl gardeners. Its unique formulation provides the benefits of blood and bone and natural growth stimulants in an easy to use liquid form
Nitrosol provides an effective balance of major and minor plant nutrients and minerals and can be absorbed through plant leaves as well as through the roots
Nitrosol enhances soil fertility by encouraging beneficial soil microorganisms

Direction for use: Shake well before using

Mix 40 ml of nitrosol in a watering can. (9-10 litres). Apply 1 watering can per square metre of soil area. Apply monthly during active growing period

Mix 40 ml of Nitrosol in a watering can (9-10 litres) Water pots heavily with the nitrosol solution until liquid starts to drain from the bottom of the pot. Apply monthly during active growing periods. Apply monthly at half strength during winter months