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STARXGROW Vitamin B-1 Transplant Solution Concentrated 1L

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STARXGROW Vitamin B-1 is a solution of growth-promoting substances like Vitamin B-1, Yucca Extract Base, Chelated Iron and Phosphoric Acid which together act to stimulate feeder roots in young plants and minimises transplant shock in older plants.

STARXGROW Vitamin B-1 is starter solution for new plantings and transplants.

STARXGROW Vitamin B-1 enhances the root growth and reduces transplant shock.

STARXGROW Vitamin B-1 - Active ingredients: Phospate, Chelated Iron, derived from Phosphoric Acid, Ferric EDTA

STARXGROW Vitamin B-1 is a transplant solution of growth promoting substances that includes Vitamin B-1

STARXGROW Vitamin B-1 consist of Alpha Napthalene Acetic Acid Hormonelike Substance, Yucca Extract Base, Chelated Iron and Phosphoric Acid.

STARXGROW Vitamin B-1 is specially formulated to help reduce transplant shock and stimulate feeder root growth.

STARXGROW Vitamin B-1 is an effective transplant solution for use on all types of transplants, including bare root roses, shrubs, bedding plants, seedlings and cuttings.

Light frequent applications of STARXGROW Vitamin B-1 will result in good healthy root structure and successful planting.