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Thiccly’s GrowPole is the best growing support for Aroids, designed from the ground up for Aroids.

Promotes Mature Plant Growth
Its unique design allows Aroids to establish strong climbing roots, that will promote morphogenesis to produce “mature” leaf forms.

Promotes Structured Root Growth
Its enclosed design helps hold on to moisture, and prevent runaway roots, ruining your carefully pruned plant.
The roots pick up water and nutrients close to the newest growth, helping the plant grow more vigorously.
Roots are nicely enclosed and kept moist within the GrowPole

Ease of Assembly
Just click GrowPole’s clips together and a new pole is assembled. Fill with the substrate of your choice, to suit your plant and environment.

Ease of Extension
Simply slide a new GrowPole into the old one and fill it up with new substrate and you’re done!
Add a clear tape behind for extra security if desired.

Ease of Shortening
The PET plastic shell can be cut with regular scissors. No saw or special tools are needed.
*Recommend cutting it before folding it into shape.

Ease of Propagation
Once the roots are established in the GrowPole, simply cut away the plastic shroud and the plant below the node to get a new plant without messy moss bags/cups or risky water rooting.

Ease of Watering
Traditional coco poles and moss poles repel water when dry.
By being semi-enclosed, simply water the top of the GrowPole and watch the water percolate down and get absorbed in the substrate.
No spills, no mess.

Save Energy
The large surface area on the GrowPole releases moisture and humidifies the air, without using electric nebulizers, reducing electricity use in growing our beautiful plants.

The one-piece monocoque design inspired by aircraft and racing cars, allows us to use the least amount of material possible to yield a strong pole.
That reduces wastage and our carbon footprint from manufacturing to delivery.

GrowPole is highly reusable, especially when used with a slow degrading substrate such as tree fern fiber.
Trimming the pole for propagation gives the new cutting a head start on the pole. Or flush the pole out and reuse it for a new plant as needed.

GrowPole is made of 100% recycled PET plastics.
All cutouts are done within the factory and recycled as well.
No trimming of zip ties or other securing solutions, which adds to the landfill.

Small: 59.5cm tall, 6.5cm wide.

The product is extendable and also trimmable to size to accommodate a large variety of plants.

*GrowPole comes with zero fillers. Plants not included, for illustration only.

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